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Saturday, 23 October 2021

Quick Entry posting TDL | Bulk Entry posting TDL | 2021 Best Tally TDL to post Bulk entries Quickly | Free Download Tally Prime and Tally ERP9 TDL file


We all know how important is time. Everybody have less time and want to save time for other work. If we have enough time, we can do our work perfectly.
If we talk about tally entry posting system, first open voucher sheet then fill it and save, after that next voucher. But now with this Free Tally Bulk posting TDL file we can do entries easily with multi voucher at same time. In this we can fill voucher detail in a row one by one and save all voucher lists by once. 

Yes! bulk entry posting is possible with this free Tally TDL (Tally Definition Language) file. Now post bulk entries with oneclick.

In this Tally Prime and Tally ERP TDL code we can add some additional fields or we can remove extra fields according to our need, and this will work perfectly with Tally Erp9 and Tally Prime. Best simple tdl code to generate MIS reports.

        1. Dowload TDL code with provided link
        2. Load in Tally ERP9 or in Tally Prime (Method provided below) 
        3. Now an extra tab will appear in your Tally main screen (Gateway of Tally) 
        4. Go with the Quick Entry Tab to create bulk vouchers.

This is best free TDL to have in your Tally . Must have TDL file for Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime that can use for lifetime. 

This free TDL Code will perfectly work with Tally Prime.

Watch above video to learn :
1. How to load TDL file in Tally.
2. How to enter bulk vouchers
3. And Many More.......



1. Download TDL file with below Download button.
2. Save into your computer.
3. Copy the text file path including Name and extension (as - C:\Users\HP\Desktop\rec\Party Detail.txt)
4. Open Tally ERP9  OR Tally Prime
5a. Press F12 and goto Product and Features (for Tally ERP9)
5b. Click on Help and click on TDL & Addon  (for Tally Prime)
5. Press F4 (to open a Box)
6. Load TDL file on Startup - Yes
7. Paste The path in blank space
8. Press enter and save 

Now your TDL is ready to use.  

Download TDL file with below download button

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  1. I want bill for medicine dealer with batch and mfg exp date in one column, rate depend on batch, Dl no print, free quantity print, is it possible?
    pl allow a new voucher created with voucher type invoice to configure as medicine delaer type bill, other voucher of same type of voucher invoice may be diffrent print style.